We know how Brexit will
impact your bottom line

The Assay Brexit Algorithm (ABA) analyses the potential impact of Brexit and explores how strategies can be employed to offset risk and capitalise on any opportunity presented. The algorithm analyses both macroeconomic and company data to demonstrate how revenues and profits will be affected in different Brexit scenarios. To allow for the constant stream of news from Brussels and London and its implication for companies, the product includes a fully interactive and highly intuitive dashboard, allowing for the results to be updated as new information emerges.


To mitigate negative effects of Brexit, the algorithm can explore alternative strategies for a business to take in the future. Along with a report laying out the results and the interactive dashboard, companies can work with Assay Advisory’s team of analysts to create a completely customised algorithm to take into account business owner’s own views and priorities for their businesses.

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Brett Stacey
Assay Partner


Dan Farraway
University of Cambridge
Assay Analyst

We know how Brexit will impact your bottom line

Businesses, sectors and countries alike are struggling to understand the potential impact of Brexit on their financial outlook. Assay’s Brexit algorithm uses up to 7,000 variables to calculate the impact of various Brexit scenarios. The algorithm generates a fully interactive dashboard allowing the analysis to be calibrated to new information and different strategies and scenarios to be explored.

Assay’s Brexit algorithm and process can analyse individual Brexit risks:


  • Cost curves are presented to explain the key drivers of profit changes
    to explore risk mitigation and opportunity capitalisation
  • Hedging strategies and global business relationships are explored
  • All results are presented in an easy to understand way, helping you
    cut through the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and make clearer
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