Assay: ă-sā – Verb

Definition: examine and determine the qualities (of a business)


At Assay we put your aspirations at the heart of our process and focus on building
a partnership that will lead to the realisation of your goals and legacy. Our team
is focused on your personal and business goals throughout and we will work with you to
develop a strategy to grow, find the right money or sell your business.



Who are we?


Assay Corporate Finance is the partner firm responsible for the execution of transactions arising from the equity strategy advice provided by Assay Advisory. We bring together an international team whose experience in business, and as managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, is complemented by their range of specialist skills in management consulting, business coaching, corporate finance, business sales and raising capital.
We combine this hands-on experience of what it means to own and run a business with a ground-breaking approach to managing the process of maximising equity value for middle market business owners. Our approach puts the aspirations and concerns of these owners at the heart of our process.


Our focus is on delivering a client service based on our understanding of how it feels to run your own business. We know how one can feel disempowered and out of one’s depth when stepping into the world of corporate finance or mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Assay Advisory colleagues apply a proven valuation methodology to highlight market opportunities while identifying and mitigating potential risks. From analysis of your business through to strategy development and implementation, Assay Advisory works with you to identify and maximise your assets.


Assay Corporate Finance complements the Assay Advisory above- and below-the-line analysis with implementation through to fundraising and sale transactions.


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Why Assay Corporate Finance?


What really makes Assay Corporate Finance a different kind of advisor is that we often get involved early. This means we are on hand well before a client is ready to exit and we can assist in helping their business to grow. We can also become involved in the fund phase of a company’s evolution. This means we truly see our clients as partners for whom we are seeking to create best value and to understand precisely what that means for each business owner client.


Our approach to maximising the multiple of each client’s business equity valuation is documented in a clear strategy. This strategy outlines the return on investment they can expect before any commitment is made to implementing our recommendations. Equally, we continuously review and reassess each client’s objectives before preparing investor or purchaser transaction documents.


We have designed our business so the interests of Assay Corporate Finance align fully at each step in the process with those of its business owner clients.