Assay Corporate Finance

Assay Corporate Finance is a unique mergers and acquisitions boutique
looking after the corporate finance and advisory needs of a diversified
portfolio of high-profile UK and international clients.


Assay’s proven methodology, increases the value and attractiveness of a business by
focusing particularly on M in the formula: V (valuation) = P (profit) x M (multiple).



We specialise in advising on:



Behind Assay Corporate Finance’s success are its people, a highly experienced team of business professionals.

We know how Brexit will

impact your bottom line


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Why Experience Matters



Very simply, our experience gives our clients peace of mind about their most important business deals.


Firstly, there is no learning curve. Over the years, we have arranged a multitude of deals from small family owned companies to major multinationals. We have acquired judgement to advise companies on the best way forward for them.


Our network of contacts means that we can draw in extra resource or expertise as required in order to provide the best service and also provides us access to significant investment potential.


Our experience has given us the resilience to understand that obstacles are there to be overcome and finally and most importantly, we know that no two deals are ever the same. That’s why we create bespoke investment strategies in order to custom-make the most appropriate approach to get our clients the right result.

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